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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Lather's Blather Episode #04: Waylaid By A Noisy Pair of Hellspawn

I missed my self-imposed deadline, but not by much! The longest and most difficult to record episode to date in the short history of the show is now available through the current suspects and your feed of choice.

Direct download, as always, is also available.
Click here for great justice!

From the news segment: the Russian Robocop, although it really looks more like R2-D2 or maybe a Dalek. As I said, its first day on the job didn't go that well.

Also, the HRP-3 Promet from Japan, designed by Yutaka Izubuchi or Mobile Police Patlabor fame. You can see it in action by following this link.

Sandy Frank might be the source of all our pain,
but Joseph Lai can bring his share of the hurt as well.
Damn you, Joseph Lai. Damn you to hell.

Super Mazinga 3!

Enjoy this still frame, since actual animation of Mazinga 3 is a rare thing.

The Flying Saucer of Whistling Irritation.

This is how the sickness starts, with cold sweats
and a feeling of abject horror (yours, not the character's).

President Andrew! (stop laughing)

Evil green Space Mom! (okay, laugh)

These are not little people. They're children.

Piss-poor comic relief robots.

This is how the sickness progresses: drowsiness and nausea.

First it's a lame flying saucer... but then it's a lame giant robot!

This is what happens when annoying children strip you of your robot skin.

No, seriously. Naked robots.

At this point in the review, my ENEGR level is dangerously low.

The vaguely Yamato-esque destroyer escorts of President Andrew.

Don't all giant robots have hatches in their faces?

The useless Prince Orion.

Model sheets? Who needs those?

Yup, Robot Dog. President Andrew's ultimate weapon.


Will you still respect me in the morning?

Final stage of the sickness: spontaneous human explosion.

Ah, sweet release...

Originally I'd planned to review Space Thunder Kids, but found a review on the Teleport City website that I thought did a better jon of describing the schizophrenic smorgasbord it had to offer. You should read this review.

Praise Bob!

"Model sheets? Who needs those?"

Gentlemen, behold! Crappy giant robot action!

This isn't nearly as thrilling as you think it is.

I'll let...

...these pictures...

...speak for themselves.

Diatron 3

Crappy comic relief robot Baipam.

Precision micros--errr--telescope.

Goblin bacteria have the Cavity Creeps beat by a mile.

Spears? Against a giant robot?

This is meant to represent the inside of the human body. For serious.

The annoying General Mary.

A castle. Inside the human body.
Not shown: noodle trees, bread trees, ice cream springs,
goofy kings who don't seem to rule over anything.

The eeeeevil Castle Lameskull.

Alas, poor Scope Dog...

I knew him, Horatio...

The much-anticipated shower scene.

Notebook doodles can be deadly.

Burning justice...or mild indigestion?

Checker and Chally. What they're doing in a human body is a mystery for the ages.

Needs more exploding goblins.

The much-awaited Diatron 5.

The only attack made against the big bad guy--the dreaded 5 Beam!
Or whatever it is! Because it wasn't named! GAH!

And because I promised it, here is the Rogue's Gallery of crappy Korean anime.

And also becaue I promised it, the Korean super robot version of Macross, known as Space Gundam V! I am speechless.

But wait, there's less! Here's the opening sequence for Space Gundam V.

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