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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Lather's Blather Episode #08: Sorayama Bikini Robots Couldn't Make This More '80s

Gcast accepted the upload successfully this morning ,so everyone who subscribes via iTunes or other similar software ought to be receiving the file today.

The podcast's episodes will be moving to a new, generously offered hosting space. I will fix the show titles and ID3 tags so that they're all consistent, and it ought to be a more reliable way to upload new episodes than Gcast.

I'm pretty sure that I'll have to set up a new feed, meaning the current one for iTunes will be broken. But in the meantime I'll use Gcast for this one.

What I also need to do is listen to this entire beast myself to make sure I didn't screw something up in Audacity during the arduous editing process.

Episode 8 is here. Huzzah.

Show notes begin hither.

My Steam nickname is [LLJK] RichLather, because I am after all a loyal SomethingAwful forums goon, and almost invariably goon-related gaming activities are a good thing.

Carnage and chaos ensue...

...while the band plays on.

Franken's Gears
The eccentric Dr. Franken...

...and his dark, dark lab. I think I'll need to treat this and a couple others in Photoshop.

Gaze upon the awesomeness of Space Hard Gay.

"Am I not...the shit?"

Burning justice knows no boundaries of animal, vegetable or mineral.

If you've never seen soccer before, this is not what is known as a "header".

Like a virgin... touched for the very first time...

A glimpse of the curiously disposable high technology in this story.

1980s fashion is where it's at.

I know I promised you pathetic perverts that magazine link, so here you go:
(It's in Japanese, of course)

Now imagine every tiny fragment and droplet...and more...fully animated.

Starlight Angel
Our erstwhile robot and the lost necklace he tries to return.

And our nameless heroine, who lost the necklace.

You can see why I called this guy Char Aznable.

Spot the reference #1: Tetsuooooooo!

Spot the reference #2: "Men, we're going to the Olympics!"

"It's a small world after aaaaaaaaiiieee!"

This would be a pretty awesome poster, if you ask me.

As would this.

And so would--you know what? Cloud as a whole is equally pretty.

Strange Tale of Meiji Machines
(aka A Tale of Two Robots)
The always hysterical John Jack Volkerson III

Introducing first, the challenger...

...and his opponent!

This is a perfect visualization of "starting off on the wrong foot".


Our heroes, steadfast in the face of danger.

And the crowd goes wild!
It's this kind of character design that endears me to this story.

This is why they fight: for the glory of the rising sun.

Even if it's really the setting sun.

Chicken Man and Red Neck (aka Nightmare)
I should probably lighten these up in Photoshop.

No really, I need to lighten these up a tad.

When the humans are away, the machines come out to play.

That's good old-fashioned nightmare fuel.

The salaryman Ichabod Crane.

And his adversary, the robot demon lord's herald.
This is where bricked Xbox 360s go when they die.

The Robot Carnival in happier days.

Another of the missing pictures that Streamline
unceremoniously dumped from the US release of Robot Carnival.

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