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Monday, June 30, 2008

If we're not back by morning, call the President.

I find "podfading" to be such a toxic, corporate-sounding term that I am very hesitant to use it. And yet it seems I'm falling into that trap, am I not? Rest assured that production continues on the next episode, even if it's been slowed to a crawl.

I've just returned from four days out in the woods at Gettysburg PA for a large Civil War reenactment, part of which was a four-mile march across parts of the actual battlefield. Over 170 men participated in this voluntary excursion (maybe 10% of the total that were at the rest of the event), something I'm not likely to ever see in my lifetime again at that scale.

Outside of my duties with that as a battalion sergeant major, which took a lot of planning and time away from the show for the past few months, I've been massively swamped with large-quantity jobs at my place of employment. We're talking 12,000 and 20,000 piece jobs where the equipment can output maybe 100 units per hour, in addition the myriad smaller quantity jobs that flow through the place every day. Pretty much every day in May and June has become a precarious balancing act.

The growing impatience I am seeing from the Cohort as I am increasingly nudged to get on with it is, surprisingly, an encouragement to me. It means you want more, and that you haven't completely given up on me.

Believe me, I'm working on it and you'll have it soon enough.

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