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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

First up in 2010: Ohayocon!

Kicking off the new year right, with another double dose of live entertainment provided by Anime Hell on Friday and Saturday nights this weekend--January 29-31--at Ohayocon in downtown Columbus at the Hyatt Regency and the Columbus Convention Center, co-hosted by the nigh-almighty Gavv and the dread in absentia specter of Danno. I'm in the process of getting a podcasting table at the convention, so with a bit of luck you'll see me there!

No plans to record any kind of a live show, but who knows what might happen? I've got a pretty full schedule with Greggo's game shows, the anime music video contest showings, and of course Anime Hell.

If Anime Hell isn't enough to satisfy you, I'll also be hosting an AMV 101 panel on Friday afternoon (3pm or thereabouts) for those curious about the world of anime music videos.

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