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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lather's Blather Episode #05: Bless Her Curvaceous Heart

Better late than never, right? Right? Well, at any rate here you go, you animals.

In this episode I'll chow down on a spicy little meatball called Starcrash, a 1979 low-budget Italian ripoff of Star Wars. If you enjoyed listening to me suffer through some bad Korean anime, you'll love this one!

Available in streaming format to the right, on your favorite podcatcher, or by direct download.

Click it, you know you want to.

From the news segment: Studio Ghibli and JAL (those links are in Japanese, knock yourselves out) announce loads of fun stuff to coincide with the 15th anniversary of Porco Rosso (profiled in episode 2 of this very show).

Stella Starr, cosmic hottie

Akton, cosmic know-it-all. Just look at that smirk lurking below the surface!

Thor, Chief of the Imperial Police. It's not easy bein' green.

Police Robot Elle, or L. El maybe? Who cares.
Robot by birth, Texan by the grace of God.

Christopher Plummer earns a paycheck as the Emperor of the Galaxy.

Joe Spinnell as his counterpart, Count Zarth Arn.
This is perhaps the least melodramatic look he has in the whole movie.

David Hasselhoff as Simon. Aw yeah. How much you wanna bet he remembers this?


Red lava lamp blobs attacking the crew...

...of the Murray Leinster!

Space helmet, water jug, or piss pot? YOU MAKE THE CALL!

Hyperspace. Yeah.

The Honorable William F. Squidface.

Emperor Ming's soldiers want their outfits back when you're done, okay guys?

What this movie had too much of: Akton's smugness.

What this movie didn't have enough of: leather bikinis.

Even though there was quite a bit of it...

You could always use more, right? Right?

The Amazon queen activates the craptacular statue with OPTIC BLASTS.

Worst. Stop motion. EVER.

"This is an energy shield mask. But the energy is limited."

"Duck season!" "Wobot season! Fire!"

Again, not nearly as thrilling as it would appear.

Don't hassle the Hoff about his makeup.

Polite fighter pilots always fly in single file.

"He's got the whole world in his hands..."

This is what plastic model sprues and a can of gold spray paint can get you.

"Say, is that a torpedo?" "Why yes it is!" "Is there a breeze?" "Must be your imagination."

Of all the myriad forms of life in the universe, none suck more than space marines.

Count Zarth Arn is just not a threatening guy.

No, really, he isn't.

Oh come on, now you're just being silly.

"Can I interest you in a doughnut? Some cake, perhaps?"

Count Zarth Arn experiences the Quickening.

1 comment:

Duane said...

I was just checking up on all the podcasts that I listen to, and imagine my surprise to find that no one has left any comments about Episode 5! It was another great episode. There's something about bad scifi that, for all it's awfulness, I have always found compelling; not in an Ernest Hemingway kind of way, but more in an "Oh my god what is that!?" way. I still make time to check out the Sci-Fi Channel on Saturdays and Sundays to see if they're showing any really good bad movies. I think it's just part of being a scifi fan; we tend to build up a resistance to awfulness.

I had never heard of Starcrash before you podcast, but now I'm actually going to have to check it out. Just the fact that Christopher Plummer and the Hoff are in it make it worth finding. I know Plummer has never gained much respect in "mainstream" film, but his being in this film made me think of Ben Kingsley being in Bloodrayne, another bad movie that I'm going to have to check out because of a podcast.

Anyways, keep up the good work; hopefully you're idea of working on the podcast in small chunks will work out, because it's good stuff.

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