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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lather's Blather Episode #09: Two Words - Train Fu

Feel free to choose your metaphor: a submarine surfacing after months below the ocean, the first daffodils of springtime punching through the last vestiges of a winter's frost, the light at the end of the tunnel, the arrival of the pizza delivery man...

I'm back! And I've got a new episode to share with you! The subject, other than regaling (boring) you with tales from real life, is Muteki Kanban Musume, a fun little romp through the tried and true standards of shonen fighting shows.

Direct download is here.

Oh and this is for Daryl:

This is your horse.

This is my horse. I am 6'4" tall. My horse is a tall horse. Yes he is!
(Hello there, SASS! I seeee yoouuuu.)


Regan Strongblood said...

-Wow nice that your back dude, its been awhile.

check out my anime review show at

love the show glad your back

Dane Scaysbrook said...

I'm glad your still podcasting, Jeff. You're review of Robot Carnival is a template to me on what all good reviews should be!

Jeff Tatarek said...

Thanks for the "welcome back" comments, guys.

Regan, I've heard of your podcast and I will definitely give it a listen mostly because your reviews are for a timeframe that needs more coverage.

And Dane: Brother Rabbit from Coonskin is your new avatar? I'm impressed.

Eeeper said...

Ah, Jeff. Our resident Jedi podcaster who vanishes at will but always returns to guide us back from the dark side of the force. Thank you and welcome back.

Muteki Kanban Musume sounds like good fun and as soon as my finances( and future purchases of Orguss) allow, I'll be checking this title out.

Hey you're starting to have a release schedule like mine. But at least people listen to your podcast.

Reviewing Flash Gordon is the best thing I've heard so far this week. Why nobody else has not reviewed this title (hint, hint P.T. Chapman) before now, boggles me. The movie is a treasure trove of awesome eighties power. I sit here writing this, Jeff, burning with righteous justice. Soon the world will know whether a hero would chose death over a kingdom.


As always, Jeff, Awesome podcast and thanks again from your Irish fanbase.

P.S. Please tell me Jeff, that you bought the much better UK DVD version of the film and not the bare bones Saviour Of The Universe edition.

Awesome horse by the way. WAAYYYY better than Daryl's.

Jeff Tatarek said...

Neither. I got the Savior of the Universe edition from Netflix.

I've heard the UK version has an absolutely brilliant commentary track from Brian Blessed, so rest assured the differences in the version is something I'll bring up in the show.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

You like Coonskin too!?

There should be a secret handshake for fellows like us!

Chris Sobieniak said...

God, do I sound like that? :-)

Thanks for having to make me blush while listening at work! Also glad to see a new episode popped up after I last checked in a while (usually tend to check on my Playstation Portable's RSS feature).

Yeah, you would think Streamline could've gotten a textless version of RC's ending to use (much like in "Tale of Two Robots" having no Japanese subs over the foreigner's dialog as it was in the Japanese version), but perhaps that'll be a mystery that will never be solved (unless it was more a case of whether the Japanese company only giving them what they have and nothing more).

Still, rather sad thinking this may never get release domestically again given the circumstances of today's crowd.

Muteki Kanban Musume sounds pretty interesting and will have to check that out (since I'm a sucker for parodies).

Nice horse, have a brother who's staying at some chick's horse farm out in Connecticut.

Eeeper said...

The Brian Blessed track is a riot. He just gasses for nearly two hours. Always with a story or anecdote.

Big Kev's Geek website has a commentary track recorded by Melody Anderson and Sam J. Jones available for download. $7 to own. I think it'll be a sound investment for me. At least I'll get to hear what Jones' REAL voice sounds like, right Jeff?

Jeff Tatarek said...

Dane: It's been years since I saw Coonskin (it was released as Street Fight in the late 80s on VHS here in the US). Truth be told, I've never been overly fond of Bakshi's work. It's mostly just there for me; doesn't stand out as much else that shock animation for shock's sake. That said, the Gay Sons of the Godfather made it worthwhile, as did Miss America ("She got the clap!").

Eeeper: I'd heard the stories about Sam Jones' voice being dubbed but I have to say that if what's on screen is considered an improvement then Jones must've been abysmal.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Actually, I agree for the most part. Bakshi's films tend to be a bit "rambly" for me. I just love the character design for Brother Rabbit!

M.O.M. said...

Hi Jeff,
Actaully it is MY horse not Darryl's although I share. M.O.M.

James Leung said...

Do you use that horse for your Civil War re-enactments?

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