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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lather's Blather Episode #10: An Explosion in a Piñata Factory

Okay, no fooling--the Flash Gordon review is here.

For serious. Temporary direct download is here. I will be announcing new hosting shortly.

Prepare yourself for:





Little people in metalflake pillowcases.

My primo homey Klytus with Deep Roy as Fellini. Yes, as in Frederico Felini.

Awesome cigar-shaped spaceships.

Glazed nose in full effect.

Brian Blessed

Brian Blessed

Brian Blessed

Brian Blessed

...oh, and Timothy Dalton too.


Michael said...

Great review. I too saw this when it first hit theaters way back when (as well as The Black Hole).

The only problem is your credit for the actor who played Prince Barin. It was not Pierce Brosnan, but was in fact Timothy Dalton. Dalton portrayed 007 immediately prior to Pierce Brosnan.

Jeff Tatarek said...

You're absolutely correct.

I knew perfectly well that it was Timothy Dalton, but for whatever reason some brain-wires got crossed and I credited Brosnan instead, and never noticed my error.

And that's weird, because I rate Dalton's turn as Bond quite highly

Eeeper said...

Hey, you never mentioned the fact that all the Hawkwomen were dressed in pink and had pink wings!

What about the fact that Dino De Laurentiis had never listened to a rock group till he'd listened to Queen? What if he'd listened to Zeppelin instead?

My all-time classic line from this mega-opus is Aura: "Take this. It's deadly poision. Slip it into his drink tonight. My father always takes a Power-Potion before he makes love"! Err, just how exactly does Aura know this!?! And just what the hell is a Power-Potion when it's at home? Mongol Viagra? Isn't Ming something like 1000 years old or something? Well, if I looked like that after 1000 years and only needed a potion before doing the whole Motion-in-the-Ocean then I'd be doing all right I suppose.

Also, what is the deal with Mongol warriors? They are dumber than a bag of hammers! I mean if Obi-Wan had to release the tractor beam in that joint, he wouldn't have them distracted with a noise, he'd have them doing the entire score from H.M.S. Pinafore!

Another minor point to bring up is that in the sequence where Zarkov's rocket(hee-hee, I said rocket!) enters the Vortex you can actually see the optical plate where the rocket was superimposed on the Vortex! Remastered print, my foot!

Finally if you thought that Brian Blessed really made the film then you should enjoy
Flash Gordon The Hawkman Edition

Anonymous said...

Dandy. Daryl finally gets around to giving me the R2 version of Flash Gordon that eeeper sent to him to give to me, and Jeff beats me to reviewing it anyway.

Now I have to watch the other thing that Daryl gave to me instead. And that other something is MoonPhase. Do you understand what I'm saying here? MOTHER EFFING MOONPHASE!

M. A. Wright said...

So after weeks of putting it off I finally watched Flash Gordon. What more could be said of this movie that hasn't already been said. I did like it though for all the corny dialog and bad acting that went with it. There is something I did want to point out in the movie though. After watching it twice Flash is the only actual blond in the movie, or at least the only main character. I wonder was this a subconscious decision on the part of the director into making Flash look more like a hero compared to all the other dark haired characters in the movie?

Also of note does anybody wonder what happens to the Hawkman in the cage that Flash leaves down in the swamp. I don't ever remember Flash going down to save the poor bastard and he said he would be back. You know what this means people. Flash Gordon is a goddamn liar and we all know hero's don't lie.

reganstrongblood said...

whens your next episode going to be up??

Grim_Noir said...

I gotta agree with reganstrongblood and say, Yeah, when?" Normally, I am quite patient for new content, but, in this case, hasn't "Rape Face" been up on your site long enough? I mean, c'mon!

Tohoscope said...


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