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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Calling the Cohort to action!

So yeah, I've got this podcast thing lanquishing in drydock. The subject for the next episode is a gruesome twosome of Digiview Entertainment offerings: Thunder Prince and Beauty and Warrior. I have copies of both, shelling out $1 apiece for them at Wal-Mart.

I've watched Thunder Prince and am ready to proceed with the review for it, but Beauty and Warrior... Well, I'd like to speculate that the disc itself became sentient and, in an effort to spare the world further exposure to the movie through my podcast review, elected to break free from its mooring in the DVD case and scratch itself to unplayablity. I can get through the first thirteen minutes, and then lockup.

This is where you come in! Do you have a DVD copy of Beauty and Warrior I could borrow? Do you even have--gasp!--a torrent link? Contact me--you can be the savior of this episode!

In the meantime, I think it's in the best interest of getting the podcast back on the air, so I'm going to shelve this episode until I can properly confront Beauty & Warrior. I'm not going to reveal the subject--you'll just have to wait and listen!

Stay patient, folks. This is the kind of seasonal release schedule you've come to expect and loathe!


Daryl Surat said...

I have it. I don't know if it's worth the cost of burning a copy and mailing it to you, as the cost of doing that would actually exceed its retail price, but perhaps I can send it to you online somehow. This would require me to touch the disc again, but I think that given a suitable training montage I'll eventually be strong enough to pull this task off.

Jeff Tatarek said...

I would gladly accept an XviD version of this for the purposes of the review. Make it so.

...just be sure to wear oven mitts.

regan strongblood said...

i have a torrent link for you jeff.

email me

regan said...

Jeff they have the cartoon you seek at
its free you just have to register.
I highly highly recommend
you also grab René Lalouxs
sci-fi animation classics:
Fantastic Planet (1973)
Time Masters (1981)
Gandahar (1987)
all 3 can be found at the same site..

Its a cool site for non animeish animation.

p.s they just did a review of time masters on destroy all podcast dx...their opinion on the film is the complete opposite of mine,they basically called it crap,though to me its solid gold!!!!Jean Giraud aka(Mœbius)worked on time masters and Gandahar aswell.

Anonymous said...

Actually, all of "Beauty and Warrior" is available on YouTube (in, I think, 6 parts). Search for "The Worst Anime Ever"

and it is.

It's worse than "Odin". Its worse than "MD Geist". Its worse than "Apocalypse Zero". It's even worse than "YuGiOh! GX"

and the reason you couldn't watch the DVD is that the disc player knew that movie was shit and destroyed so as to not allow it to play.
But if you really want to see it, YouTube it...

Also...The oddest thing is the movie starts with a trailer for the movie itself.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

While it's certainly terrible it's not technically Anime. It's "Indonime", it's an Indonesian production.

I'd say this show almost ranks alongside East Timor for Indonesian human rights violations.

Eeeper said...

So since you haven't responded, Jeff, I can assume Surat sent you the file and you're now dead? Wow, that might make it like The Ring. Watch this movie and within 7 seconds it'll kill you.

If not then what, pray tell, are yourself and Daryl made of?

Jeff Tatarek said...

It was Regan Strongblood who enabled me to finally watch Beauty & Warrior again.

Whether you want to read that as thanks or condemnation is up to the individual, I guess. (cackle)

I've watched it, and it actually makes less sense than it did the first time I watched it. Maybe because I went into it this time knowing it was terrible, and could see so much more that was awful instead of having a lot of it wash over me the first time around.

And to answer Eeeper's last question, Daryl Surat and I are possessors of cosmically enhanced Y-chromosomes. Daryl's, I have to say, is potentially more powerful than mine, because I managed to get married.


Chris Sobieniak said...

While it's certainly terrible it's not technically Anime. It's "Indonime", it's an Indonesian production.

I noticed that by the way it felt quite different form the other pseudo-anime titles offered by IFD, not to mention having end credits stating Indonesian names and an e-mail address.

I'd say this show almost ranks alongside East Timor for Indonesian human rights violations.

I bet it does, I could not get through more than a few minutes of this before I stopped watching it and just skipped around!

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