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Sunday, October 14, 2007

The drumbeats mean it's coming

Why on Earth has it taken so long for Episode 8 to come out? Did I fall victim to the lumbering menace of the Robot Carnival itself? Find out soon--post-production is underway!


Anonymous said...

ok jeff i put this out on digg. cant wait for this show. later dude, vaughn

Daryl Surat said...

There's usually no need to post new podcast episodes to Digg since their podcast listing will automatically update itself with each new blog post. Why it can't just update for each new item in the feed is beyond me.

In any case, this podcast isn't THAT late. Even though I reviewed Robot Carnival in Show 59 of Anime World Order, and Show 60 is now done...and Show 60 alone of AWO took as much time to do as the entire Big Month of Dick over at The Greatest Movie EVER! podcast. They say brevity is the soul of wit, and in light of the fact that one can listen to one episode of AWO in the same time it takes to listen to a month of Fast Karate for the Gentlemen, GME, or Lather's Blather (perhaps "and" is more apropos), I think I've established how much wit I lack.

Looking forward to the episode. Why, once you've posted it, you can listen to my take on Robot Carnival to see where we agree and disagree!

Jeff Tatarek said...

To say that the events surrounding the production of this episode are kicking my ass is an understatement.

I detail much of what's occured since episode 7. It's nothing life or death in nature, but it's more than enough to whittle away the scant free time I had available down to mere scraps.

vaughn said...

wow this show is still not out yet. this better the mother of all Robot Carnival reviews.

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