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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lather's Blather Episode #13: A Joint The Size of A Ball Park Frank

Here we go, gang! Idiocracy for everyone! Direct download is here.

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26th century money is awesome.

And you thought Bloomberg Television was bad...

Those baristas really know how to get that foam going!

I want this shirt. No, really--I want this shirt.

"Atornee At Law" Frito Pendejo and Secretary of the Interior Joe "Not Sure" Bauers.

Rita , Joe, and the presidential cabinet, with the totally pimpin' presidential bus in the background.

President Camacho, keepin' it real... the House of Representin'!

Jet-skis rule the reflecting pool.

The Ass Blaster!

The Dildonator! Tonight! On Monday Night Rehabilitation! (!!!)


wait what


Ging said...

...Nazi dinosaurs.

Kent said...

Nazi dinosaurs are more common than you might think: Tyrannosaurus Reich

I definitely need to watch Idiocracy again. I don't think I gave it a fair chance due to the unrealistically high expectations that I had from Office Space.

Dane Scaysbrook said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dane Scaysbrook said...

As someone who will be a father in just under two months, I'm utterly petrified that my daughter would grow up in the world depicted in this film. A film for which, all it's comedy value carries a rather profound message.

Robocop was hilarious biting social satire in the 1980's, much like Idiocracy is now; yet I cringe at how spot on Robocop was when I look at these modern times.

In some ways, I regard the internet as The Great Library of Alexandria times a billion, yet it's rather obvious when looking at your average Youtube post, that the internet has merely given the stupid people a louder voice.

As an educator myself, time and time again I've seen the cycle of ignorance repeat itself. It's really very simple in the end, as it all comes down to one thing: Parenting. Children need nurturing, care and encouragement.
Sadly, when I see children grow up in an environment that provides none of those things they eventually reach a stage when they have chosen ignorance as a way of life; As you said yourself, "willful ignorance". It always happens duringa the fifth year of primary school.

Smart human beings are essentially, "unwillfully ignorant" and revel in eternally striving to correct that.

For my own soon-to-be-born daughter, I won't pressure her like crazy when she goes to school and I shall strive to be an understanding father. However, if she likes, "Bratz", she's out of the house.

Tohoscope said...

This episode isn't coming up on the Podcast Pickle Player. What's up with that?

Jeff Tatarek said...

I'm about fed up with Podcast Pickle. I've had to send off for new passwords twice now and their web site is a mess. Everything seems to funnel through the forums now.

The old individual episode players have vanished, so I've got to redo them all. As to why episode 13 isn't showing up on the big player, I've no idea. Episode 3 isn't there either.

Time to start sharking around for other sites of this nature.

Anime said...

Have you tried Veoh, Jeff?

It may not be the best thing in the galaxy but it sure beats Podcast Pickle.

Anime said...

Crap, I'm sorry Jeff. I meant to say Odeo.

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