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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Holy Mooncow

I'm...flattered at the number of hits that have appeared on the Frappr map already. I'm curious as to how many are from wandering souls who just happened upon this blog or if they're people who already know about my podcast intentions.

Some of the pins are familiar--Ocala FL and Hong Kong, I'm looking at you--but Stockholm? Los Angeles? Rhode Island? Who would know about me from those places?

Well, whatever the case, it's exciting. I'm going to try and have a promo recorded and distributed to the relevant podcasts on the list to the right, and then it's time to assemble the first show. I've got significant portions blocked out; the big thing is sitting down and recording/editing the thing.

I find it's a bit like the first time you ever went down a first steep hill on a bicycle. You know you can do it, as you stand poised at the crest, looking down into what suddenly seems like a yawning chasm. Working up the courage to push off and hold on for dear life is the only cause for delay.

So I'll have the promo here soon, in an effort to test RSS feeds and get XML links for iTunes and whatever other podcatcher sites I want to place the Blather upon.

Yep. Aaaany day now.

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