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Friday, May 18, 2007

Feeling Blue

I knew there was a good reason why I gave myself two weeks to get the next episode finished. As things turn out, a Civil War event I'm attending is this weekend, and not next weekend as I'd thought up until very recently.

It's the first time I'll be acting as Sergeant Major for the organization with whom I reenact. It's basically an umbrella organization that allows several much smaller "regiments" from across Ohio to reenact together under the same flag and command structure as opposed to being flung across the battlefield, plugged into any number of different brigades under officers of varying quality.

But this must be terribly boring and little more than a big excuse as to why I didn't put nose to grindstone and crank out episode 2 by the end of the weekend. It's obviously because I'll be nowhere near a computer for the duration.

It's also a way to say thanks for the support and feedback episode 1 had received thus far, and it's a kick to see the different countries, states and cities represented in my stats. Not to mention the subscribers. Lordy lord lord, I've got subscribers. Now I have to keep you folks happy.


Eeeper said...

Jeff said
Not to mention the subscribers. Lordy lord lord, I've got subscribers. Now I have to keep you folks happy.

That's right. Now dance, puppet! DANCE!

Karaoke said...

My dad has been involved in civil reenactments. He is in a band that plays old fashioned music, with appropriate attire, period instruments, et cetera, and I was dragged kicking and screaming to several such events as a child, always looking for a way to slink off and pull out my hidden Gameboy from beneath my incredibly embarassing period garb.

Man, being 11 was hard work.

Jeff Tatarek said...

Yeah, those hoopskirts are murder, aren't they? (ducks)

Daryl Surat said...

Dear Rich Lather:

I heard that nobody who engages in Civil War reenactments ever wants to be on the Union side, and so the organizations who put these things on have to set up and enforce strict rotations to ensure that everyone isn't always on the side of the Confederacy every single time.

Why do they HATE AMERICA so much? HUH?! That's MY question, donut lady.

Jeff Tatarek said...

Are you getting all of your reeenacment info from Stevie B?

It's not entirely untrue that a good number of reenactments see larger numbers of Confederates than Federal troops, and it's also fair to say that a considerable number of reenactors have enough gear to "go both ways". It's called galvanizing and it can usually be sorted out as individual units pre-register for an event. Some events say up front that if your unit is capable of galvanizing, be ready for it to happen if things swing too far from one side to the other.

Speaking for myself, I will only reenact as a Federal soldier, mostly for economical reasons.

Jeff Tatarek said...

And another thing...

By way of reference, the small event I just participated in had fairly even numbers of about 55-60 troops on either side. Of those there, I knew of only one that was set up to go either way from the outset: the 14th Ohio Volunteer Infantry / 3rd Arkansas, and I knew of one guy who was my direct superior who planned to go grey for an event this upcoming weekend.

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