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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Lather's Blather Episode #02: Pig Puns A-Poppin'

I've done my best to meet the self-imposed deadline of two weeks. I think this is what I'll strive for in future, given the way real life goes for me.

Gcast was fooling around with me earlier, but I now have a working direct download.
It's also up for streaming via the Gcast box on the right-hand side, and I know it's available on iTunes.

However, I'm told that the file that's on the RSS feed doesn't have an MP3 extension, but rest assured it is an MP3. If anyone has trouble getting it to work, let me know and I'll throw another one at Gcast's head.

Hey look, links!

Project Vader

Clone Wars trailer

There's an entire second disc to this particular release that I didn't even bother looking at for the show. I suppose if there's interest I can make something quickly for a segment on the next show, or as a stand-alone mini-episode. What do you think, listeners?

Porco's hideaway island in the Adriatic Sea.

Our hero. Oh dear... um...

Our hero!

Donald Curtis, future movie star and presidential hopeful.

The Hotel Adriano. See what I mean about the backgrounds?

Holy crap, it's Carl Horn!

The elegant Madame Gina.


The ever-resourceful Fio.

Fio at the drafting table.

Studio Ghibli's attention to detail.

No, seriously--attention to detail!

The boss of the Mamma Auitto gang.

Look very closely at the valve cover on this engine.


Testing out the new engine.

This one goes to eleven!

Porco's Savoia S.21 and Curtis' Curtiss R3C-0.

A real Savoia S.21

Porco's plane is more like this Macchi M.33

A real Curtiss RC3-2, as piloted by Jimmy Doolittle.


Karaoke said...

Hey Jeff? This is just episode one again. Is your feed broken or something maybe?

Jeff Tatarek said...

I've caught the offending URL and beaten it into submission. It should offer up Episode 2 now. The correct episode was available on iTunes and from Gcast's stream from the start, thank goodness.

Steve Harrison said...

Another great podcast, Jeff, keep up the good work! Now do three. :)

Man, is that a totally crappy cover Disney came up with for that film or what? Tells you NOTHING about the film expect it's a pigman in a trench coat...geeze, at least photoshop one of the stock images of his plane among the clouds or something 'behind' him.

You know, in all these years, I NEVER EVER thougt Marco was an actual humanoid pig. Not once. I always assumed all the pig talk was discussing his mindset, his life outlook and such, and the pig image we see is only a visual metaphor, an easy to grasp shorthand, a conceit of the director for an otherwise complex issue.

I've never seen anyone else come up with that. It's like it's EASIER to believe he's magically transformed into a pig and nobody comments on it than understand it's merely a thematic visual cue.

I'm sure there's some hyper insane Miyazaki fanboy who's poised to rip me to shreds on this, something like "No, YOU'RE WRONG! An interview with him in 2002 that appeared in (obscure animation magazine) he was asked that question and he said SAID YOU PRICK ' well, what do you see? I see a man who is a pig' and that means you are WRONG WRONG WRONG!" when of course, knowing how the Japanese tend to avoid saying ANYTHING direct, that answer easily takes my belief into account...

Don't mind me, I'm one of those insane people who thinks this was his last *good* movie... :)

Eeeper said...

To my eternal shame, Porco Rosso sits on my shelf right now, unwatched. I bought most of the Ghibli films when they were on sale back at Christmas. So far PR and Nausicaa are unwatched. Yes I know, kill me now.

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