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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Lather's Blather Episode #01: The Worst Job in Delos

It's up! It's up! The subscription feeds to your favorite podcatcher ought to be working; I know it's already available on iTunes

You can also get it via stream in the boxity-box to your right, and by direct download.


00:01 - 05:52 Hey, it's an introduction segment! Here I thank all of the podcasts who've given this little corner of the Intarweb their support--all of them are located in the Legion of Super Podcasts on the right-hand side.

I then spend far too much time rambling about past glories and what got me crazy enough to try producing a show of my own. Jigoku No Video doesn't have its own page, unless you count the go-nowhere-do-nothing one that's little more than a placeholder on a crappy old Geocities account. Corn Pone Flicks has had a site for several years, and it's pretty darn good. I find that as time goes on JNV is increasingly associated as a part of CPF, but I really don't mind that. At least people still remember the crap I did nearly 20 years ago. But if you're interested in anime music videos, that I can still help you with.

This will be the feedback segment once I actually get some to use. Having a second episode is also an important part of the equation. Yeah.

05:55 - 12:05 My lame attempt at a news segment, which is devoid of anything important. Everyone else gives you breaking news about Gainax producers getting canned from their shows and the latest in bonehead business practices from Bandai Visual. Me? I give you fakery and white trash.

12:05 - 28:44 Ah, the meat of the program. I give you Westworld!

This is what I meant about the Gunslinger being the iconic figure of the film.

John Blane (James Brolin) and Peter Martin (Richard Benjamin) discuss the finer points of gunplay.

Dick Van Patten from out of nowhere!

Yul Brynner's Gunslinger, looking far cooler than I can ever aspire to be.

Crimes against fashion run amok in Medieval World.

"Aye, varlet! I am the evil Black Kni--hey, stop laughing."

I also wanted to point out that I didn't bother saying anything about the sequel to this film. It's called Futureworld and was released in 1976 and featured none of the principal players nor did Michael Crichton return. Yul Brynner did reprise his role as the Gunslinger in a wholly unnecessary and pointless cameo. What's sad is that this was his last movie role.

Long story short, Futureworld is the story of a pair of investigative reporters snooping noisily around the recently reopened Delos resort where they uncover a plot to replace influential guests with robot doubles. There. Now you don't need to see it.

28:44 - 31:55 Promos for Destroy All Podcasts DX, Anime World Order, and Fast Karate for the Gentleman. I'll spread them throughout the show more evenly next time.

31:55- 32:36 Wrap-up and goodbye for this episode. The requisite groveling for feedback occurs. Next time around, I take a look at Hayao Miyazaki's paean to seaplanes and the Adriatic Sea: Porco Rosso.


Gooberzilla said...

New Port Richey is literally a stone's throw from where I live. It doesn't surprise me to hear about this one-legged gentlemen giving the police such a hard time; if I lived in Pasco County, I'd probably be going stir crazy, too.

You're in Ohio, Jeff? I was born in Toledo, believe it or not. Two weird bits of synergy in one episode!

Now I can't cover Westworld for a while; me cries. (;_;)

Sony_CEO said...

Good luck in ze podcasting world home slice. I shall download............NOW!!!!!

Jeff Tatarek said...

I merely live in Ohio; I was born in Buffalo NY and grew up in Birmingham AL.

Somy_CEO said...

Pretty decent debut. I pretty much had no complaints. Your review was spot on and insightful. Keep it up.

P.S I could definitly notice your appreciation to your fellow podcasters when you played THREE PROMOS in a row.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

As expected, very entertaining! Great audio quality!

Given that this is a one man show, it's difficult to stay entertaining the whole show without having a co-host to feed off. Yet you kept it entertaining with your versatile voice and great editing skills. I can tell a lot of work went into that episode, I only wish I would have done as good a job on my first episode!

My uncle actually was the spitting image of Richard Benjamin at the time of this film's release; So this film always makes me laugh. I actually used to think it was him as a very young lad.

Karaoke said...

Good show! I sent you an MP3 feedback file already, so I won't rant too much here except to say I remember finding out about this movie around 1991 when I was on a big Michael Crichton kick and reading Andromeda Strain and The Terminal Man and all.

I think the debut of ER is what finally put the nail in the coffin of me reading Crichton, or possibly The Lost World. Barf.

Also, I never realized that there was a sequel film.

I wonder if the existence of that film is why the Osamu Tezuka manga Futureworld was renamed Nextworld right before its release here.

Steve Harrison said...

ANOTHER podcast I have to download?! Oy, will the pain never end...

(FYI, appx. 3 hours to d/l over 36.6k landline)

Seriously, congrats, Jeff, welcome to the insanity!

One stupid comment for now: You don't need the giant moose filename for the 'cast, you know. That thing is hella insane. the underscores! What is this, HTML 1.0? :)

Consider: People who subscribe via one of the services, they don't even LOOK at the name, just "Ohh, new one" and off they go. As long as it doesn't overwrite a previous episode or corrupt a music file, the name doesn't matter.

If they do as I do, visit the site and direct d/l, again, I'm not looking at the name, I'm clicking the link and saving to my desktop.

Might I suggest something like "LB 003.mp3" or "Lather 003.mp3" or if you want a visable date for your archives, "Lather 003 05/25/07.mp3" or the like.

You can put more specific data on the contents in that thing that shows in the player, whatever that's called....

I'm just sayin' some folk are gonna have problems, dude. heck, Ihave to manually trim and 'fix' the filename, I'm sure others do too...

Just a suggestion! Don't kill me NOOOOO!

(also, get that visual ident thing added posthaste, or you're gonna be FLOODED with spam on the comment page)

Jeff Tatarek said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jeff Tatarek said...

Thanks for the feedback on the MP3 file name, Steve. I'll definitely do that next time out. I think that once I can find a way to edit my XML effectively it'll look the way I want in places like iTunes without needing a honking big filename.

And I'm with you on the visual ident thing. I'll get that added posthaste.

Daryl Surat said...

Great, so in one episode I've already been outclassed, as evidenced by the decision to play "You Are Smart" from Katamari Damacy when talking about stupid people. I should have just played that on loop during all the times we'd talk about Bandai Visual.

Steve Harrison said...

(what the hell is it about blogger that just doesn't want to play nice with Netscape?! Good thing I have a plan 'B')

Finally listened, great job, Jeff! Be proud of what you have created! The toughest part is keeping it going!

One comment that you touched on but might not have actually 'caught'. The control room 'walla' is important. If you listen carefully there's a good amount of foreshadowing going on, more and more comments on 'things aren't working right' in all manner of ways.

Also, I can't recall, was the concept of 'live steel can't hurt a customer' ever addressed? They made a big deal about how the guns in Westworld were 'safe' but I just can't figure any way you can do that with a sword....

Of course there's an inherent flaw in the whole concept. The chaos effect of trying to manage the individual needs of a number of customers makes the whole thing unworkable. There would need to be SOME control, some guiding or steering. But then again, there's some REALLY uncomfortable subtext going on, and it's more than 'do as you will' '70s mindset.

Please don't review Futureworld. I actually paid money to see that in a theater and that's a couple hours of my life I want back.

Gerald said...

I remember watching West World a really long time ago, I think about the time Congo came out since I was on a Crichton schtick at the time (until I realized that he seems to be more concerned with showing off his research abilities than telling a story) and I remember being taken back by how far they seemed to go with the violence and sex. While there wasn't any sex on screen, I do seem to remember watching that with my folks and when that scene started thinking "They're going to fade out any minute now, any minute now, ......any minute now!"

Eeeper said...

Brilliant opening show, Jeff. Hadn't thought 'bout Westworld since I bought it last year. Thing I remember most was the scene when the tech guys get trapped in the control room with no air. When the brother and I watched it last time, the scene came up and turned and said "ya know someone needs to get to the control room and....". He then said "DeathForce!" And we both said in unison "Brain Paracesuuu!" and fell about laughing. Damn you M.D.Geist! Damn you, AWO! And damn you, Crichton!

But not you Jeff.

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